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The Ideal Time for Your New-Born To Visit the Dentist

Many parents are perplexed when they come to know about the first time they should take their kids to a dentist. As per the American Academy of Pediatrics, a child must be taken to the kids dentist in Anaheim Hills with covid-19 safety aspects, is six months after his first tooth is visible or before his first birthday. Dr. Sahar Hamedani and Dr. Dien Sun are reputed kids dentists and an integral part of the Anaheim Hills Pediatric Dental Practice.

Here are some points that everybody should know regarding the dental care of toddlers.

Dental Care of Kids With Kids Dentist in Anaheim Hills:

Here are a few things to note.

  1. Address Dental Health of the Kid:

    Taking the kid to a dentist for the first time will ensure basic oral hygiene issues. When the child is nine months old, the kids' dentist may apply protective fluoride varnish to its teeth. This way, the kids' teeth stay protected against stains and tartar buildup.

  2. Regular Dental Exam:

    It is imperative to understand that taking the kid for the first dental appointment is no substitute for a thorough dental examination. The children's dentist in Anaheim Hills this time will provide a basic oral assessment to ensure there are no signs of early decay. The dentist may also suggest preventive steps to curb the progress of the dental disease.

  3. Prevent Troubles:

    The risk of discoloration and decay starts when the child gets his first baby tooth. Visiting a children's dental group in Anaheim Hills helps to keep a close eye on any such issue. If the kid gets cavities early, he may have to get them repaired under general anesthesia in an operating room.

  4. Peace of Mind:

    Taking, your kid to the dentist for the first time will also ensure peace of mind for you. You will feel relieved to know that all is well with your kid's dental health and well-being. If this visit to the dentist results in identifying the onset of a dental problem, you can quickly start its treatment and ensure things do not deteriorate any further. The dentist also talks about good dental practices to be followed by the parents of their babies. Children also get used to these routine visits, and the habit of following good dental hygiene is instilled in them at a very early age.


These reasons demonstrate the need for parents to consult a kids dentist in Anaheim Hills at the earliest for their kids when the first tooth appears. Seek an appointment with Dr. Sahar Hamedani and Dr. Dien Sun who practices at Anaheim Hills Pediatric Dental Practice to ensure your child's dental well-being and health for posterity.

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