Preventive Care

Preventive care is so important because it encourages proper oral health and development. By seeing a dentist from an early age, your child will understand the value of good oral hygiene and habits, which can then stay with them into adulthood. Visiting the dentist regularly will also allow the formation of a trusting relationship with Dr. Sahar. This helps reduce the chances that your child will develop dental anxiety in the future and will get them comfortable with our office.

Routine Visits

We encourage every child to visit with us at least twice a year or every six months for routine preventative care, which typically includes a dental exam, cleaning and digital x-rays. Sometimes more frequent visits and cleanings are recommended based on the needs of the child. During each exam, Dr. Sahar will discuss hygiene, diet and nutrition, oral habits, oral anatomy and development, and also ask questions about your child’s sleep. Dr. Sahar is knowledgeable about the pediatric airway and oral tissues and will screen your child for any signs of grinding, snoring, mouth-breathing or sleep disordered breathing which can negatively impact overall oral development. Identifying these issues early can prevent costly treatments in the future and optimize the child’s overall growth.

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride treatments are often done during routine visits to help remineralize enamel and protect against dental decay. Dr. Sahar also utilizes silver diamine fluoride or SDF to help stop the progression of a cavity. SDF is a liquid that is applied to the tooth surface that is starting a cavity. It is quick and effective and can also be used when the child is not ready for treatment as a way to prevent further breakdown of the tooth.

Applying Dental Sealants

Dr. Sahar also recommends dental sealants as a way to prevent decay and protect teeth. A dental sealant is a thin white coating that is applied to the deep grooves and pits of teeth. We usually place these on permanent molars, however, sealants can also be utilized on other permanent teeth and baby molars as well. By “sealing” off these areas, we can prevent plaque and bacteria from adhering and causing a cavity. Ask Dr. Sahar if any of your child’s teeth will benefit from sealants!