Restorative Care

While we hope to prevent the need for dental treatment, there may be instances when your child develops a cavity, oral injury, or other issue that necessitates restorative care. Dr. Sahar has years of experience providing safe and comfortable restorative care for children of all ages.

Restoring a Cavity

Dr. Sahar utilizes composite or tooth-colored fillings to restore a child’s tooth after a dental cavity or dental fracture. Composite not only restores the function of the tooth but can be used to achieve great esthetic results. For cavities that are larger and deeper, a stainless steel crown and pulpotomy may be recommended. Stainless steel crowns are very strong and durable and don't require too much tooth structure to be removed. A pulpotomy or “baby tooth root canal” may be needed if the cavity is in the nerve of the tooth. This procedure is done to protect the tooth from further damage and ensure that the tooth remains healthy enough to fall out naturally.


Dr. Sahar will always try to do the most conservative and minimally invasive treatment, but sometimes an extraction may be warranted. If infection is present or there is extensive trauma to a baby tooth, Dr. Sahar may recommend an extraction. There are also instances when the permanent tooth erupts into the wrong position in the mouth with the baby tooth still present. If an extraction is needed, Dr. Sahar will take all the steps to make sure your child is as comfortable as possible. Our office uses different types of sedation to make sure treatment is completed with gentle care. Call our office today to learn about what types of sedation we offer!